Friday, July 17, 2009

Short Quote By Newman- Interesting View On Justification

"...Christ in us is said to be the hope of glory. Christ then is our righteousness by dwelling in us by the Spirit: He justifies us by entering into us, He continues to justify us by remaining in us. This is really and truly our justification, not faith, not holiness, not (much less) a mere imputation; but through God’s mercy, the very presence of Christ." - Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman "Lectures on Justification"

These lectures on Justification by Newman have been criticized heavily by Alister McGrath, that it fails to understand both Trentine Catholicism and Lutheran Soteriology. It is imperative to note that at this time he was not trying to defend either position, but rather trying to find an Anglican "via media" between the two views. I believe this passage is almost identical to the teaching of Peter Lombard, a heretic the Church condemned for teaching that the Holy Spirit alone is necessary for salvation.

Still, heretical, heterodox, or orthodox, it still stands as a more unique view on justification.


  1. Christ is our righteousness by acting outside of us, especially on a cross. Interesting that Newman's idea of justification makes the cross unnecessary. In fact, it makes Christ unnecessary and only the Spirit necessary.

  2. Ya I certainly tried to write as much as possible about how close it was to Lombardian heresy, definately Heretical in the eyes of Reformed confessions and the Roman Catechism. I guess Newman succeeded in his attempt at the via media, it's untenable by both sides. Truly in the middle!