Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Catholic Quotes for the Day

"He who walking on the sea could calm the bitter waves, who gives life to the dying seeds of the earth; he who was able to loose the mortal chains of death, and after three days' darkness could bring again to the upper world the brother for his sister Martha: he, I believe, will make Damasus rise again from the dust."- St. Damasus (from an epitaph written for himself)

"To love God is something greater than to know Him." - St. Thomas Aquinas

"You cannot please both God and the world at the same time, They are utterly opposed to each other in their thoughts, their desires, and their actions." - St. John Vianney

"Stop entertaining those vain fears. Remember it is not feeling which constitutes guilt but the consent to such feelings. Only the free will is capable of good or evil. But when the will sighs under the trial of the tempter and does not will what is presented to it, there is not only no fault but there is virtue." - Padre Pio

"The devil strains every nerve to secure the souls which belong to Christ. We should not grudge our toil in wresting them from Satan and giving them back to God."- St. Sebastian

"God gave Himself to you: give yourself to God." - Blessed Robert Southwell

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