Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Day I Checked My Inbox And Saw Peter Kreeft's Reply

So today I was reading Catholic Christianity by Peter Kreeft and it by far is the most valuable tool I've found at explaining the faith to Protestants, and understanding "Catholic distinctives" for myself. I've also read pretty much everything on his website, and his lecture on ecumenism is enough to make anyone convert. So I thought about it and realized that I should really email him and thank him for all that he's helped me with. I've thought about emailing McGrath as well, but I figured it'd be weird to thank McGrath for teaching me the Reformation so that I could distance myself from it.... But I'm too happy to be cynical, so anyway I finally found his school email and sent it there assuming that there was a good chance he'd never reply. But I still emailed him a very brief and probably strange story of my conversion in a nutshell and how he helped in it and thanked him. Within only hours, Dr. Kreeft sent me a reply:

Thank you for your thank you. We are all links in a long chain. The place at the banquet table has long been set for you. Welcome home.

It's 4 sentences, I know I'm being ridiculous. But it makes me really happy that in some way I got to connect with one of my theological/philosophical heroes. It's like when I talked with Frank Schaeffer....but this is about 10 times cooler.

Thank you Lord.


  1. I guess one of your prayers to the saints responded via email. :) It is always a little awe-inspiring when someone we hold in esteem reaches out and touches our world with a personal and direct response. That is definitely amazing...

  2. I was really happy about it. Though no one seems to know who he is lol.

  3. Yes, it truly doesn't matter whether Catholic/Orthodox/Reformed, the ones who do the best work in our traditions are ignored by the vast majority of those who confess it.