Thursday, October 1, 2009

Decision Made

I feel like I am in some way obligated to continue blogging in defense of Catholicism, but at the same time I need to admit that I'm not that well-educated and can't take on in full attacks on Catholicism, and thus need to just accept that I'll lose sometimes.

But I'm also a person with a personal/spiritual/mystical experience that I'd like to collect my thoughts to write in, and so I'm thinking I'll just devise a system of letting readers know in the title whether the post is primarily personal or theological.

...and I'm too intellectually thirsty for debate to stop with what has been called polemical or 'anti-Protestant' writing.


  1. Andrew I'm glad to see you've made it through the crisis and rededicated your life. :-)

  2. Sorry Andrew, I didn't mean "Anti-Protestant" to be insulting.