Sunday, October 4, 2009


I was reading a funeral liturgy in my missal the other day and I liked the part where it said something to the effect of:

Lord receive your servant, who whilst he lived, was marked with the seal of the holy Trinity. Enter not into judgment of him for in your sight no man shall be justified. (Ps 143:2)

I thought 2 things were interesting, the idea of being "marked" with the holy Trinity, it reminds me of a suitcase or something with God's name written on it, and secondly, the idea of non-imputation of sin which I'm finding more and more in Catholicism, and which according to Jaroslav Pelikan is an orthodox belief emphasized by Aquinas.

I think of the parable of the fish where God's angels sort out the good and the bad into piles and wonder if maybe I am marked by God through baptism, confirmation, etc. I dunno, but I just thought it was an interesting idea, nothing to revolutionary.

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