Monday, October 5, 2009

Scripture & Prayer

I'm pretty strange by modern standards. You can usually spot me as the guy who is overdressed, and in classes as the guy who can't shut up and just keep Religion out of the classroom. that's me. A Christian counselor told me that if was truly myself, I would be lonely forever because I don't "fit" in the world. That's cool, I'm not a big fan of the world myself, and I'm old enough to handle it (most days). So what do I do to keep all of this at bay? Two things mainly:

Read Scripture:
If there is one thing I proudly maintain from my Anabaptist upbringing it's the importance of the Word. When things are bad, usually if I can force myself to just pick up the bible and start reading, I will end up not putting it down for a couple chapters or sometimes a whole book (not the big ones). I will find passages that I repeat to myself over and over and mention in conversation whenever possible. The passage I've (re)found today is 1 Corinthians 8:3 "anyone who loves God is known by him".

The one good thing about constantly being unable to face life is that you pray alot more. It's not even a question of if, it's only when. I know that I couldn't get through the week without God, so eventually after my sin and waywardness I come pounding on his door again, the annoying Canadian panhandler back again to pull an Oliver Twist and ask for more grace. The Rosary has also been very helpful, and while I hated it at first... and subsequently at times have lapsed into hatred for it, lately I've been really enjoying it. It's also helped me to realize that God is no more bored by using the same perpetual petitions of prayers like the Our Father, because being of infinite knowledge the difference between these and our own made up prayers there can be little difference in quality. Plus he wrote the Our Father, so I'm sure it's better than anything I could think of, it is the Lord's Prayer after all.

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