Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Rant: Possibly Why People Hate Me

I'm reactionary, polemical, overly-emotional, depressed, uneducated, obese, Canadian, Catholic, convert, Brock student, biblicist, and I blog way too much.

I had a 1 hour lunch break today at work, guess what I did? drove home and wrote a blog, and went back to work.

I got home tonight, guess what I did? read some patristics (when I had a ton of other homework) and wrote a blog about it.

I was about to go to bed, and guess what I did? read a guys blog, got angry, wrote a blog, and then tried to cover it by writing this post on my blog so that my scathing personal attack on him will be less obvious should he click on my name and see this self-deprecating post first rather than the previous one.

No one has the time or energy to theologically baby-sit me, and apparently I can't understand Catholicism or Protestantism well enough to post on other people's blogs about the issues either... But evidently I am emo enough to have a blog which is posted on far too frequently and far too emotionally... If only I could find the emo convert blogosphere, then I'd be set.

I should just go back to playing WoW or just listening to Classical Music, I caused less trouble.

I wish I could store up all the glares I get though, like the one that I got from the Female theologian at Regis yesterday, or the one I got from the Calvinist TA who heard I'd converted to Romanism. I could just have this compilation of the abject disgust of humanity, and then when I died and the person got up to give the eulogy, they could just say: "This is what the world thought of Andrew Cottrill" and show the jar. That would be a tribute to my lifetime pursuit of truth and honesty rather than people-pleasing and tolerance.


  1. Hey Andrew,

    It seems to me that you understand Catholicism and Protestantism pretty well, though there is always the experience that comes from living, say, your Catholic Faith over years which is indispensable to greater understanding.

    Depression is a bad thing, and I encourage you to continue to seek whatever help you can find to overcome it by God's grace. It can be hard to "like" someone who is depressed because of the way they act and respond, but that doesn't mean that you are unlikable or any nonsense like that.

    Also, discern which blogs you interact with: Hardcore Reformed Protestant ones and Radically Traditional (even schismatic) Catholic ones are probably not what is most helpful to you. Find blogs which you find encouraging, people whom you can talk to (even if you pay them like a psychologist), and a good priest or two with whom you can confide and go to Confession.

    God bless!

  2. ya... I should probably follow that advice. I like your blog by the way.

  3. Thanks, Andrew! I bet if we lived close by each other, we'd be friends and hanging out frequently--once you find a good Catholic community, you will flourish with God's grace.