Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Papa Benny Picks Up Anglo-Catholics In This Year's Draft

Much like the buzz about Hockey starting up and the teams formed by new draft picks it seems like Papa Benny 16 in his near-infinite genius has picked up the Traditional Anglicans:


That means the 400 000+ in the Traditional Anglican Communion / TAC are probably joining our Church (now 1 000 400 000).

But the questions I'm wondering about are:

1. How can Anglo-Catholicism survive as a rite without constant criticism of liberal Anglicanism? (I guess Liberal Catholicism will be the new enemy) It seems like Anglo-Catholicism thrives on the puritan/elijah mindset of 'we're the only ones!'

2. How f-ed up will the rest of the Anglican Communion become now that the Evangelicals and the High Church Anglicans have left? I'm predicting the Episcopal or Anglican Church of Canada releasing a statement that they will now be removing the Bible's status as inspired scripture due to misogynistic and racist tones.

3. Will they make a new Anglican-Catholic Book of Common Prayer and when can I go to this Anglican-rite Catholic liturgy? (the Anglo-Catholic liturgies as is are more reverant than most Novus Ordos)

I was so excited when I heard this at work, I think Newman has been praying up a storm up there. I also found out Newman is becoming a saint next year! Everyone hates Newman, but I really like his sermons, and I'm reading his Apologia right now and it's quite good.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your earthly Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, and for the increase in Church unity. May all your children share in the unity of faith and the fullness of truth. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

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