Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ending My Blog

I've been thinking of ending my blog, I think it only causes people trouble and is a way of me drawing attention to myself. I was also planning on creating a new blog instead, but I figured what's the point really? I mean it'd be the exact same as this blog, it'd just 'feel' new. I want to have a place to hash out personal things that I feel about theology without having to constantly sit there fighting off Reformed theology.

My Conclusion right now seems to be: Dogmatics are VERY important, CENTRAL to theology. But the people I engage/engage themselves with my 'theology' (if it's even worth calling that) on Dogmatic issues are not open to a change of opinion. They know the arguments, they don't buy them, that's it. We're both in a sense lost causes to each other, except on peripheral issues or anabaptist bashing we can't find any unity.

So I think I'll merge my Theology blog (this one) and my personal blog (Labarynthine thoughts) into one. Or maybe I'll just discontinue one and change the way I do things. Haven't decided for sure yet...

I also hate how melodramatic I am. As if this blog or anything I write matters to anyone. lol