Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why Are You A Catholic?

a person who is an Anglican (and I think homosexual - in all seriousness, I'm not joking at all - though I don't know why I found that relevant) today asked me "what religion are you today?" and I told him that I'd always been a Christian but that I had joined the Roman Catholic Church. He asked why and I responded that studying history and some theology swayed me. He then asked me what the Anglican Church was and I told him it was formed when Henry VIII broke communion with Rome and that the Church of England eventually adopted Protestant views. That was it.

But I immediately regretted this opportunity and wished for the 'balls' Chesterton had.

When he was asked why he was becoming Roman Catholic he replied:

"to get my sins forgiven"

I don't think I have the courage in today's relativistic world to give that response, but maybe one day I will like the apostle of common sense, 'make the good confession'.

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