Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"My Peace I Give You"

So this blog has normally been a chronicle of my theological turmoil, and so the worse things got, the more I would post. It's been 3 weeks now I think since my reception into the Roman Catholic Communion, and I must say my posts are sparse if not altogether gone. This actually is the result of an unimagined peace I've had in the theological area of my life. There is still much inquiry into different doctrines, etc, and learning all the practices (I was reprimanded on sunday for wearing a rosary which i'm apparently not supposed to do). But for the most part, the sleeplessness and frustration and fear are gone, and I am peacefully Catholic. I know it will dismay most and be a confusing end, but such has been my journey. I'm grateful for it. So the amount of posts on the blog will probably lower, though I will still post, and it will probably be less Protestant VS Catholic as it will be more of me trying to figure out the transition from a Reformed Protestant worldview to an Augustinian Thomistic worldview. God bless you all.

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