Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mortal Sin => If God had facebook.

So I had this story all written out about what happened, but I realized by writing it for the 2 or 3 odd people who read this blog, it would really just be me letting off steam and being passive agressive, so I'm not publishing it in full. ... In short, a person who I was very close to has unfriended me on facebook and blocked me as it were from seeing her posts, etc, and refuses to answer my emails. I hadn't even talked to this friend in 6 months so I didn't know what attrocity I could've committed, though granted with our history, there's probably alot of other reasons. But I was just thinking, how awful is it to be unfriended. I mean its facebook, big deal. But it's still someone saying they don't like you, don't even want to see you or think about you. It's like being excommunicated from someone's life.

Today at confession I asked the priest for an explanation of the distinction between Mortal and Venial sin. He said that Mortal sin was fatal, and that if I was in Mortal sin I'd probably have to be dragged to confession and that in the early Church only 3 sins were mortal, he then said "a Mortal sin destroys your personal relationship with God, in 3 weeks (the time it'd been since my last confession) it'd be difficult to destroy a human relationship". I realized, venial sin is like not talking to my Capernwray friends for a few months or a year. Mortal sin is like unfriending God.

I think it's interesting that people hated God. When Jesus came people hated him soo much that they killed him. It says alot about the relationship between humanity and God. I mean imagine if you were adopted and you met your biological parents without knowing and you just hated them. That's like what happened to him. "Know that if the world hates you, it hated me first" - Jesus (Jn 15:18).

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