Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christianity fueled by Hate

I've been so tired of theology this weekend, I was made to try to argue a Reformed Christian into the Catholic fold and I discussed doubts about scripture with another friend (which I actually enjoyed) and then argued with Dad again this morning about the P of tulip... I found this website tonight and wanted to kill these people or myself.

They are completely fueled by hatred. Now I'm a Catholic (don't read too much theology, or you'll end up in my shoes) but I love many Protestant preachers. I love Billy Graham, J. Vernon McGee, Tony Evans, C.S. Lewis, Chuck Colson, Charles Spurgeon, John MacArthur, and Chuck Swindoll. All of those Christians are listed on this websites - False Teachers who if followed will lead to Hell.

This is the site:

I expected the "If you're Catholic you're going to Hell" I've read thousands of those websites -they're called Reformed blogs, but I had to burst out laughing when I clicked on a link about Calvinism vs. Arminianism and it said following both would lead you to Hell. LOL . Man people are idiotic.

This morning I was listening to Dr. James Boyce on "the bible study hour" because they were preaching on one of my favourite verses Romans 11:36. But then it was hillarious because his proof for the doctrines of Total Depravity and Election were literally: The Reformers believed them and they were nicer than Catholics, so they're true... he must've got his doctorate from Moody or something. Anyway, I also burst out laughing when he made a statement along the lines of 'the God of Catholicism, Liberal Theology, and Arminianism is no God at all, it is a false idol'.

Man Calvinists are jackasses (barring Jared) like who has the gaul to condemn such a huge group of people.... I found it funny because on the website Billy Graham was quoted saying that he loved Mormons who had faith in Christ, and that Pope JP2 was one of his good friends, etc, and I thought, way to go Billy, God is bigger than any denomination.

I think the rest of us Christians (non - fundamentalists, Arminians, Catholics, Orthodox, etc) should all try to scare the other Christians and dress up as "Free Will" for halloween and knock on R.C. Sproul's door, and then dress up as Today's newspaper and knock on the Fundamentalists door.

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