Friday, February 20, 2009

'Bobby' Jindal

In Political Science Seminar at Brock the other day, someone brought up the newly elected Republican Governor of Louisiana. He's an Indian-American immigrant and Hindu convert to Catholicism. That seems impossible, but it certainly happened. Anyway, apparently he's a lay theologian as well, he had an intellectual conversion and he wrote an entire essay entitled "How Catholicism is Different - The Catholic Church isn't just another Denomination" in 1996 a while before his election.

It's pretty standard, it just goes through the Neo-Catholic ( convert arguments from scripture about Ecclesiology, authoritative tradition, catholic justification, and a critique of sola fide, and sola scriptura. Nothing new by any means. But I just thought it was interesting how the same arguments and the same verses and history is leading people like me to Rome.

I don't know if I like the man's politics (he's basically an Indian Ronald Reagan) but he seems like a good Roman Catholic.

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