Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama - An Arian, Pelagian, Universalist... or maybe just a Deist

In Canada I vote for the Conservative Party, and I am I guess a Right Wing guy - but just barely, more of a Centrist. Anyway, I'm Conservative in Canada which according to my friend from Arkansas makes me a liberal in the US. In this last election I thought both candidates were unworthy to lead the American Republic, but I was vaguely rooting for Barrack Obama. I'd read some of the Audacity of Hope and it seemed idealistic enough to maybe do some good things in Washington.

Anyway, Obama claimed to be a Christian, but I would call him a Deist after this interview: He never affirms the Deity of Christ and merely calls him a teacher. He believes all paths lead to Heaven. He denies the doctrine of Hell. He denies the need for evangelism or certainty about faith. He also talks about 'doing our best and being rewarded' which sounds like some post-Trent pelagian B.S. to me. so I'm labeling him an Arian, Pelagian, Universalist. Really he's a deist no different from Lincoln - except Lincoln said he was in no way a Christian, and Obama says he is one (though he denies every tenet of the historic Christian faith)....only in America.

This interview actually made me with Barrack Obama was a muslim, at least then he'd believe in a personal God and objective morality as well as an afterlife. As well most Muslims revere Christ more than Obama. heh.

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