Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best Simpsons Episode Ever

I just saw the funniest episode of the simpsons, online, it's the Protestant vs. Catholic one, and it's right here:

The funniest quotes are:

"I'm Bart Simpsons' Father and I'm sick of you teaching my son your time-tested values"

"Log cabin full of taste my stomach is with thee, blessed art thou among syrups and - No Praying to the condiments!"

"man you guys have more crazy rules than blockbuster video""Mr. Simpson I can only absolve you if you're a catholic. 'right. and how do I join, do I wail on some unitarians?'

"Homer you've been out all night, and it looks like you accepted someone as your personal something"

"Bart get your things, you're leaving with me! - sorry mom this is a Catholic church, chicks don't have any authority here"

"Bart we're here to bring you back to the one true faith, the western branch of American Reformed Presbyo-Lutheranism"

"Once you go Vatican, you can't go back again"

"Mom a religion isn't cool just because they bond onto some rock band"

"Hop in boy, we'll show your mother that our God kicks her God's butt"

"Back off you serpents of the Holy See"

"Can't we all get together and concentrate on our REAL enemies, monogomous gays and stem cells"

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