Sunday, July 20, 2008

Westminster Confession: Scripture 2

As I was re-reading and rethinking my judgement upon the Westminster Confession I realized I might have been a little harsh. I'm not a proponent of Sola Scriptura, however I am realizing that it is the Word of God and deserves respect and the ability to critique tradition. Of course I believe it is from Tradition we recieve the canon etc, however I am reading a book called "Christ and the Bible" by John W. Wenham right now, and he goes to show how Christians in the early church had a high view of the Old Testament, and Christ himself when confronted always said 'it is written'.

Maybe much of biblical interpretations are up for debate, but then I realized, so is Tradition. I've been studying the Orthodox-Catholic split recently and I've learned that the Greeks and Latins had much different Traditions, both equally valid and apostolic, but people drew different conclusions and interpretted patristic quotes in many ways. So yes, nothing is black and white, but Scripture can't be thrown out just because some parts are debatable.

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