Thursday, July 24, 2008

Facebook Religious Status

I realize that people complain about my constant switching of religious views on facebook. I should officially stop all changes until Easter this year, when I either will become a Roman Catholic, an Anglican, or maybe even some kind of crazy Lutheran. I switch my religious views depending on the day. Usually Sundays I'm an Anglican, as I go to an Anglican church, but usually in a month I do 3 Anglican masses, and 1 Roman Catholic. It's a balance a bit.

Really I am only officially a Baptist. I was baptized in a Baptist church in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Even if I agree with Roman Catholic theology, that doesn't make me a Catholic, I'd have to be confirmed, and likewise being an Anglican would only be the result of an Anglican confirmation. So I should just leave it at Christian in general - or as the traditionalist Catholics believe 'heretic' - but that isn't one of the options on facebook.

Anyway, in all fairness I've basically been Orthodox in my theology. My unbelief in the 'filioque' and my rejection of Papal Infallibility as well as Sola Scriptura and the Protestant concept of a priesthood of all believers. So I'm a bit in the middle, I've always felt I'd fit theologically into East Orthodox shoes, however Bishop Ware (Orthodox) says that if you live in the west and want to be Orthodox, just become Catholic. That was what I read when I first decided to tell my parents I was becoming Catholic. So from the start I've really loved the Orthodox, but as my blog has illustrated, they won't have me. Thus I am stuck either being an Anglican Catholic, or a Roman Catholic. But the case is, that I should stop changing the status until I actually officially AM one.

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