Monday, May 24, 2010

This Article Just Might Have Destroyed My Faith in Catholicism

I just don`t even know what to say... It is very difficult to argue against... Wow.

Well, I know what I`ll be thinking about for my day at work tomorrow.


  1. That's a long one (and packed with primary sources). I finished about 1/3. I'll read the rest tomorrow am.

  2. That is a long and painful read. Whoever set it up has no idea how to display text on-line. But that's another subject.

    I guess the thing that is puzzling me is the lack of novelty. I don't see a single argument in that text that I have not seen before, many times before. There are circles there that people have been going round for hundreds of years now.

    It seems to me that the thing you need to understand now right now is the source of your faith. What is constant in your faith life? Where, when and how do you feel God's presence in your life?

    The thing you don't want to do is become an epistemological swinger; that is to say, someone who believes whatever the last article they read says. The very core of Christian doctrine is that God loves you and he does. He never gives up on you and he is making himself present to you. Just forget about the arguments for a while and look to Jesus.

    Because, really, believing in Jesus is what it is all about. A real guy who exists outside of our conceptions of Him.

  3. The same text Webster says supports his claims about the Assumption disproves his canon of scripture.

  4. To me looking to Jesus means not being Roman Catholic, I don't find any ability to be comforted by a God who makes me accomplish new works of the law (Sacramental Confession) to be justified, and binds on my conscience non-catholic doctrines like Papal Primacy.

    I am not saying Protestantism is thereby vindicated, and is right, just because Catholicism is wrong. I'm just saying that Catholicism is wrong on at least one doctrine, and me believing that, makes me a Protestant. (Hans Urs Von Balthasar says even Eastern Orthodox folks count as in some way Protestant).

    The Apocrypha, Apostolic Succession, The Supremacy of Scripture, and the Protestant Confessions are all areas that I have to defend to say Protestantism is correct.

    But if Catholicism isn't 100% correct, then it isn't correct at all (by it's own standard). And if I - like Dollinger - agree that even a single doctrine of the faith is non-catholic, unhistorical, and unbiblical, then that makes me a Protestant.

    And on a personal level, I have never felt this peaceful in a decision for the last 2 years as when I read those articles last night. I feel free finally.

  5. "To me looking to Jesus means not being Roman Catholic"

    Then you never were Catholic.

  6. Jules,

    There is a difference between Catholicism and Roman Catholicism.

  7. Jay - you're very right: A friend of mine who was raised Baptist is now a Ruthenian Catholic. Though he's in communion with Rome, he's not Roman.