Friday, March 28, 2008

Paul Tillich

So in that interview with Chris Hedges in my previous post, Hedges quotes Paul Tillich. I wikipedia-d him and found out he was a 'liberal theologian' which I have been told since an early age means 'Jesus hating-Athiest turncoat', but I decided to rebel and try to read some of his stuff. I found a bunch on the internet, and I've been reading whatever I can understand of his stuff. I found this quote I really like though. I felt sinful for reading a liberal, but then someone said he was Neo-Orthodox, like Karl Barth, who is awesome, so maybe my soul can still be saved. Heres the quote:

"He who has encountered the mystery of life has reached the source of wisdom. In encountering it with awe and longing, he experiences the infinite distance of his being from that which is the ground of his being. He experiences the limits of his being, his finitude in face of the infinite. He learns that acceptance of one's limits is the decisive step towards wisdom. The fool rebels against the limits set by his finitude. He wants to be unlimited in power and knowledge. He who is wise accepts his finitude. He knows that he is not God."

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