Thursday, March 20, 2008

Andrew's Creed of Cafeteria Theology

-I believe in the Trinity, the atoning sacrafice of Christ, his bodily resurrection, and ascension, and everything else Liberal theologians reject.
-I believe the bible says more than 'sola fide' on Justification/Salvation, it says faith, works, repentance, love, baptism, the Eucharist/Communion are important, and that the question should never be, 'what is the least I have to do to be saved and not go to Hell'.
-I believe in Free Will, and the Sovereignty of God.
-I believe you can lose your salvation, but not over one unconfessed mortal sin.
-I believe that the One church at the time established the canon of scripture, and that the historical fact is that the Catholic Deutero-canonicals were declared as scripture in 309AD, over 50 years before the New Testament canon was even decided. Though I have never read all of it, and can't say whether it is scripture or not.
-I believe the Roman Catholic Church, The East Orthodox Church, and any other church, holds to doctrine either not outlined in the scripture they profess, or in contradiction to it.
-I believe St. Augustine was a genius, and that we can call people St.'s and not be afraid of people who do.
-I believe that the bible teaches the real presence in the Eucharist, but I believe that the bible also teaches God is everywhere and in everything, and that Eucharistic adoration leads bad places.
-I believe Mary was a sinner, and that she died on earth and her body stayed there.
-I believe in the intercession of the saints.
-I believe that even if the intercession of the saints is true, we should still pray to God more, and that the rosary leads people to think Mary is the trick way of getting around Jesus.
-I believe the Pope is not infallible, and that he is the bishop of Rome and the first among equals, even though I am not under his authority.
-I believe the Church has done horrible things, and contradicted itself.
-I believe the bible is inerrant in all areas of faith and morals. But that it is in some cases subject to the reader's interpretation, and that smart, God-fearing people can come to different interpretations.
-I believe in Amillenialism, but think we should live as though we were post-millenialists
-I believe the social gospel is very important
-I believe that all have fallen short of the glory of God
-I believe that 'all' does not mean 'some'
-I believe Jesus died for everyone.
-I believe that it doesn't matter if God used evolution or a 6-day creation.
-I believe war is always wrong
-I believe all Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox who love God, and whom have faith and new life in him will be saved.
-I believe Peter Kreeft, John Wesley, Karl Barth, John Howard Yoder, Ravi Zacharias, and alot of other theologians have said great things, even if they don't agree on everything.
-I believe the Church should be "One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic" - but that history shows it has never been.
-I believe Rob Bell is NOT a heretic.
-I believe that Christianity is not watered down Platonism

-I believe that Jesus Christ came to save sinners, of whom I am the worst. And that every part of our theology should be centred on Him.

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