Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stoicism and Calvinism

So I know basically every post is about Calvinism which will annoy the hell out of some people (if you can call arminians 'people' j/k). But I was reading about Stoicism and how they believe that logos or this unknown god holds everything together and that we are all part of a universal city. Their basic beliefs are kind of like Taoists which say that you have to live in submission to the will of God. This sounds a bit like Calvinism's acceptance of the ultimate divine will of God which is unchangeable. The Stoic's conception of the universe sounds alot like Calvinism's / Paul in Acts 17 's position. That in Him we live and move and have our being and that in Christ all is held together. I guess it would make sense to find lots of platonism and stoicism in Christianity but it always surprises me a bit when I see these fundamentals repeated. Which leads me to question, can you be a Christian Stoic? Controlling simply your reactions to a situation rather than trying to control the situation? I don't think you could accept Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Wisdom as your Cardinal virtues... maybe Faith, Hope, and Love? this is my pondering for today...

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  1. Well I just read the somewhat brief summary of stoicism on wikipedia (an invaluable resource). It seems like some of the ideas and thoughts very much pertain to Calvinism and Christianity. When you get into the ethics and virtues of it however, the world views don't really line up. So I guess in theory they could go together, but not so much in practice.

    Also, it contradicts some of the ideas of the quantum physics going around in Christianity, which I am not going to explain because it makes my head explode, and I barely understand it.