Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why I Fear The Emerging Church

What happened to Classical Evangelicalism? Oswald Chambers? Charles Spurgeon? Billy Graham?

I was reading this post: , and feeling very glad that I'm still becoming Catholic. It is a great image of the destruction that happens when you abandon ecclesiology - the doctrine of the Church - (Catholic and Traditional Protestant alike). At least if you're a Baptist you can accept what the Baptist Church has decided and accepted (like the Trinity), if you're Emerging, suddenly everything can be thrown out. I love Rob Bell and lots of self-described Emergents, but I don't like this theological liberalism. In my opinion, when you ask the hard questions of theology you can do one of 5 things:

1. Become a Liberal, doubt everything and have no faith at all.

2. Stop asking questions, reject all philosophy and logic and base everything on feelings and emotions.

3. Become a Presbyterian/Calvinist.

4. Become a Catholic/Orthodox/Traditional Anglican/submit to apostolically succeeding bishops and Tradition and actually believe the catholic faith.

5. Stay Evangelical


  1. What are you talking about Andrew?
    What happened to Oswald Chambers, Billy Graham, and Charles Spurgeon? They died of course. (Except Billy). Just as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other 'Classic' theologians have died. But because they have died doesn't mean their work is dead as well. Do you want us to go back to their day, because it is nice on paper? We could all be like Wesley and preach 3-4 times a day right? Except that wouldn't really work anymore, unless your last name is Kennedy.

    I have no idea what emerging church you are talking about I guess. We talk about this all the time, the fact that many emerging churches are trying to refocus on those traditions, rather than ignore them like some churches in the last 50 years have done. Of course there are some emerging churches that don't follow suite, but surly not all can be stereotyped with them.

    I guess I just don't understand your point. Must I be part of a 'denomination' in order to be Christian? That is what it sounds like you are suggesting, because if I am not of a specific denomination, then I must be liberal, don't care about tradition, or rejecting logic. Where does Rob Bell suddenly throw out everything? What in his theology is Liberal? His politics yeah, some ideas, but I wouldn't call Rob Bell a 'Liberal Theologian' but and Evangelical.

    "At least if you're a Baptist you can accept what the Baptist Church has decided and accepted (like the Trinity), if you're Emerging, suddenly everything can be thrown out."

    From my understanding, Baptists don't believe in the Trinity because they are Baptists, they believe in the Trinity because they are Christians. The same then would be said for emergers. I (lets say I am an emerger) believe what I believe BECAUSE I am a Christian, not because of my allegiance to the emerging church. It just so happens that what I believe usually falls under the label of 'emerging.'

    If I were to 'throw out' the Trinity, I wouldn't be a Christian, therefor, could not be emerging. There have always been people that claim to be Christian when they are not.

    I guess I just have no idea what you are trying to suggest, that emerging churches have no tradition? No roots? No ecclesiology? Surly the same was said of the 'non denominational' crowd.

  2. Indeed Andrew, the link is disturbing. Such is the fate of those without a confession. It angers me that a case for Unitarianism is based on mockery and good old American individual autonomous reasonable idol worship. We can only pray that such people that claim the title Christian may one day actually embrace the Christian faith. Sick, infuriating and sad.

  3. Thanks Jared, that's what I thought too.

    Michael I wasn't trying to attack you at all, just this particular guy who claimed to be emerging. I'd read similar things on other blogs of people who claimed the same title. I'm saying what doesn't make them Christian is their Unitarianism, mockery of Christian Tradition etc. Not anything Rob Bell said as I had mentioned in the note that I had no problem with him.

  4. I responded to them in their post. Not that it was profound, I just called them to Repent. Stupid Unitarians...

  5. Hmm...well I guess no one wants to actually engage with the obvious facts the article brings up. I suppose I could say, "stupid trinitarians...if they don't burn you at the stake they just ridicule you....but I wouldn't dare deviate from the words of my lord to that degree."

    I wonder what you would say to my friend Christopher who wanted to remain a trinitarian but due to the overwhelming evidence (in the Bible), kicking and screaming, submitted to the holy spirit which led him to the truth that the Father is the only true God (John 17.3). Have you ever heard a story like his? click here to listen to it.