Friday, June 27, 2008


I think some people might have misread a few of my last posts so this is to clear things up.

1. By saying that I personally am just focussing on being a Christian, doesn't mean I think Catholicism is 'wrong'. I think some people got really excited about the idea that I wasn't calling myself 'Catholic' which is just a word, a word that scares Protestant Evangelicals far far too much.

2. I wasn't actually saying that Catholicism is Pelagian or Semi-Pelagian in Principal. In my note about Luther and Calvin being right, I could have written "St. Augustine, you were right" or "Catholic Council of Orange you were right". My main problem with Catholicism is not it's doxy but the praxy, it's the practice at the local level. In theory I have very few problems with it, but in practice, in the lives of almost every Catholic I personally see face to face, I find it superstitious, lacking, nationalistic, and false. My favourite phrase is now: "Protestants are better Catholics than Catholics"

3. What I was saying against Catholicism is that I don't believe they have a monopoly. I believe that Protestants, Orthodox, and Anglican Christians have the same things they do, and that each group has strengths and weaknesses. I was saying that the practical churches I saw in my short time were all riddled with problems. None of them shone with that 'One Holy Catholic and Apostolic' gleam that I searched for. Just alot of people trying to understand God.

I just thought I'd clear that up.

Secondly, I am not saying that Theology is not important. I despise the United Church of Canada because I think they sold their theology for unity. What was it Luther said again? "Peace if possible, truth at all costs". The United church is a perfect example of what happens if we bury the Calvinist-Arminian debate (United church being Presbyterian (calvinist) and Methodist (Arminian/Wesleyan)). Did it solve anything? no. Did it bring unity? yes. I wouldn't trade one for the other, though of course Love is to abound in all endeavors of the church. (sorry to the UCC people out there, this is just my personal opinion)

Basically I just think we should focus more on Christ, the author and perfector of our faith. (heb 12.2)

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